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I was once a young mom.

And my children went from this............and this.
Today they are all married and some have children of their own.

I know that moms worry....

They have to!  Raising a child is the most challenging job in the world!

I remember anxiously waiting for my babies to reach each developmental milestone, wanting to see if I could "check the box" on the next milestone.  But each child is so different, even in the same family!


The child you get may surprise you.  Things may come up that you never expected.  And your job is to guide that child towards a happy and fulfilling life.  Except, that could be difficult if your child can't communicate.

Over the last thirty years, I have learned a lot of effective techniques to help children acquire language or to speak more clearly.  It all begins with an accurate assessment of why the child is struggling.  Once the why is understood, it is easier to make a plan.  

I wrote the book Speak To Me: 10 Reasons Why Your Child is Not Speaking as Expected because I found that parents are asking the same questions over and over.  They've been asking me the same questions for years!  If parents are asking these questions, the answers must not be readily available, but I know the answers!

These books, videos and courses are designed to help parents like you find the answers you are looking for if your child is not speaking as expected.  Your child can learn to communicate better!  

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