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Grab Your Free Guide "How Many Words Should My Child Say?"

You're starting to worry about your child's speech.....

Maybe your child is a toddler and is not saying any words yet.  Is that okay?

Maybe your child is pre-school age and his speech is not clear.  Is that normal?

Maybe you are wondering if your child is stuttering.  Will she outgrow that?

Maybe your child lisps.  Is a lisp cute or does it indicate something more?

Maybe your child has been diagnosed with autism and learning language is challenging.  

What is the right path?

You've come to the right place.  Here you will find books, courses and resources to help you make the best choice to help your child.

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Hi!  I'm Carol Krakower.

I've been a licensed speech-language pathologist for several decades.  I love helping people gain, regain or polish their speech!

I am the director of Cornerstone Speech & Language in Wall Township, New Jersey. My life revolves around my family and my profession.  I published a textbook for speech pathologists (ProEd Publishers) and have presented courses for speech pathologists at, as well as lectured to professional groups, such as Penn State College of Medicine.  I've been a speaking coach for TED Talks and coached school groups in public speaking to national championships.  My new book for parents,Speak To Me: 10 Reasons Why Your Child is Not Speaking As Expected, was published in 2024.

I am the mother of five grown children. After my husband died, I married Harry Breiner, a retired police officer and widower with six children.  We live at the beautiful New Jersey shore.  Our week-ends are very busy keeping up with our combined 11 adult children, 9 children's spouses and 13 grandchildren, in addition to one over-fed orange cat.


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Free Resources

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Carol Krakower, MA, CCC-SLP has written an amazing guidebook for parents, concerned family members, and maternal/childcare professionals such as pediatricians and IBCLCs. This book is full of practical information, written in a common sense, easy to understand style, sprinkled with gems of parental wisdom. As Ms Krakower emphasizes, acquiring speech and language are natural yet complex processes. Infants and toddlers need to master an array of speech and language sub-skills, and if your little one struggles with just one of these sub-skills, then clear, fluent speech and language acquisition might be delayed. If you have any concerns about your child’s speech or language acquisition, or have been told “Don’t worry, your child will outgrow that”, read this book. Ms Krakower’s comprehensive and step-by-step guide will set you and your child up for success. - Nancy Dodd, IBCLC

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5.0 out of 5 stars Answers all speech related questions.

Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2023

I received a preview copy of this book and recommend it to any parent, grandparent or caregiver that has questions and concerns about speech delay in children. I was so relieved to finally get straightforward answers and explanations to the possible reasons behind my grandson's speech delay. Carol gives tips and guidelines to follow and use, as well as advice about when to seek professional help. She takes the anxiety out of this difficulty and sets you on the right path for the child.

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